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Health House opens up new horizons in health technology by uniting health, high-tech and all the people around it. Providing hands-on interaction with cutting-edge technology and inspiration for research, business, and cooperations. Health House will turn every visit into a unique experience.


Technology is shaping the future of health and care. The new health economy is an ecosystem in which hubs like Health House enable cross-border collaboration and knowledge-driven entrepreneurship. Health House is a key enabler in this trans- formation, demonstrating how technology creates better and healthier lives.



Health House aims to help unlock the full economical and societal potential of health technology. It turns collaboration into innovation and stimulates knowledge-driven entrepreneurship by inviting its visitors to personally experience the future of health and care.



The first of its kind, Health House shows the impact of technology on the future of health and care today through class-leading content and astonishing visualizations. Health House allows every possible stakeholder in the health and
care domain to either offer or enjoy a tailored program consisting of interactive exhibitions, which can be complemented by hands-on demonstration and testing, networking events and collaborative learning.

Through our service offering, we are helping our partners showcase their activities and impact in the increasingly technology-enabled health and care domain, tailored to their specific audiences and purposes.

To that end, we are making available our first-in-class exhibition infrastructure, our expertise in storyline development, our complementary meeting & event functionalities and the Health House ecosystem.

Contact us and let us introduce you to the fascinating Health House infrastructure, offering and network.

Health House @HealthHouseBE

Our advisors come in exceptional breeds: prof @SwinnenJohan reaches Compostela after 2400km run - t.co/r2k3pp5beQ (Dutch) #respect

Health House @HealthHouseBE

Our advisors come in exceptional breeds: prof @SwinnenJohan reaches Compostela after 2400km run - t.co/r2k3pp5beQ (Dutch) #respect

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UZ Leuven @UZLeuven

RT @ICleynen: #ibdleuven2017 Leuven IBD nurses did an amazing job explaining their importance in the IBD clinic and for the patients

imec @imec_int

New Photolithography Technique Enables 1250 ppi, FMM-free Multicolor OLED Displays. t.co/8q2dZguK0x… t.co/deu49ZPuXL

KU Leuven @KU_Leuven

Wielrenners en wedstrijdmotoren: veiligheid en fair play voor alles? #opinie van @BertBlocken #Bergen2017 t.co/DcZF9zFgMj

Stad Leuven @stadleuven

96 x de ‘Romeo en Julia’ balkonscène, nog tot morgen 16u feest in de pop-up tuin voor 150 jaar schouwburg.… t.co/DQx4RxnCFn

Vlaams-Brabant @vlaams_brabant

Inwoners zoeken oplossingen voor mobiliteitsknelpunten in #tienen #aarschot #zaventem #londerzeel - #participatie -… t.co/EW5ARrH2DV

Flanders Smart Hub @flandersmarthub

Automatiserings- en robotiseringsbedrijven uit Duitse #BadenWürttemberg onderzoeken samenwerking met Vlaamse… t.co/C4MrD7Wf1E

Leuven_MindGate @Leuven_MindGate

RT @tomdecock: Noses running wild for Leuven-made handkerchiefs - t.co/XviNetTUPM via @leuven_mindgate

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The Health House exhibition platform: nailed and showcased


In the past months and in close collaboration with its partners Ocular and Potteau-Labo, the Health House team has worked hard to finalize the build-up phase of its first-in-class infrastructure, both front- and back-end. Today, the 700 m2 open plan space is converted to a high-end exhibit and event venue, constituting the backbone of Health House’s cross-medial storytelling concept. Continue reading for some pictures.

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Our founding partners

Proudly powered by five partners, Health House turns cross-border collaboration into innovation and stimulates knowledge-driven entrepreneurship in the region.
Together, Health House and its founding partners strive to create better andhealthier lives through technology.

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