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Health House: partner in project on virtual reality-based management of chronic pain.


Ozark Henry, pianist Katrien Verfaillie, KU Leuven and UZ Leuven will start up a collaboration to develop a virtual reality-based experience for chronic pain patients. Health House is proud to be partner in this project. 


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Health House partners up for Lazarusproject


This ambitious project aims to reduce irresponsible alcohol consumption in the city of Leuven by 10% by the end of 2020.

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1000th visitor for Health House


Since our opening, 2,5 months ago, we were very happy and proud to reach our first 1000 visitors and counting.

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KneeVR: Using Virtual Reality for rehabilitation


By complementing the recovery proces of knee injuries (more specifically ACL (anterior cruciate ligament-related treatments) with AR/VR gamification will enable patient to recover quicker and in more enjoyable conditions.

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Health House as part of the Leuven's ecosystem.


Health House as one of the ten innovative pioneers in the Leuven's ecosystem

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Health House is getting noticed!


Last month Health House opened its doors. After the Grand Opening, Health House got a lot of exposure in the press and people started talking about it.

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