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The Health House exhibition platform: nailed and showcased


In the past months and in close collaboration with its partners Ocular and Potteau-Labo, the Health House team has worked hard to finalize the build-up phase of its first-in-class infrastructure, both front- and back-end. Today, the 700 m2 open plan space is converted to a high-end exhibit and event venue, constituting the backbone of Health House’s cross-medial storytelling concept. Continue reading for some pictures.

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Health House kick-starts its content development (CALL CLOSED)


Health House content development takes off with public tender for digital agencies and storytellers.

Together with the set-up of its exhibition space, Health House is launching 2 public tenders to kick-start its content development. The first tender (Y1) will be a design contest specifically focusing on the development of Health House’s first VR, 3D and Kinect applications and reaches out to digital agencies with experience in these domains. The second tender (Y2) is directed towards digital storytellers and media-savvy scenario writers to support the development Health House’s first full storylines in close collaboration with our partners and topical experts.


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Health House build-up


Almost a month ago, a new exciting era has started at Health House. After months of conceptual developments, brainstorms and in-depth discussion on platforms, technologies and content, our exhibition space is literally coming to live during the build-up phase.

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Health House is ramping up


Health House hosts VIB biotechtour press conference

Yesterday, VIB hosted its press conference for the kick-off of Leuven’s edition of the biotechtour at Health House. Through talks by Bart De Moor (KU Leuven), Jérôme Van Biervliet (VIB), alderman Mohamed Ridouani (stad Leuven), An Tanghe (Health House) and Sooike Stoops (VIB), journalists learned how both VIB’s biotechtour and Health House are great showcases of the translation of research into real life experiences.  

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Meanwile at Health House ...


We have reached an exciting milestone in the design & build of Health House last month: technical plans were delivered and we have engaged into the purchase, build, installation, configuration and testing sequence of all constitutive elements.

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Health House goes EIT Health


In distinguished partnership with Imperial College London, Vlerick Business School and KU/UZ Leuven, we are excited to pronounce ourselves formal member of the EIT Health community!

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