Health House kick-starts its content development (CALL CLOSED)

door Health House 29-03-2017
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Together with the set-up of its exhibition space, Health House is launching 2 public tenders to kick-start its content development. The first tender (Y1) will be a design contest specifically focusing on the development of Health House’s first VR, 3D and Kinect applications and reaches out to digital agencies with experience in these domains. The second tender (Y2) is directed towards digital storytellers and media-savvy scenario writers to support the development Health House’s first full storylines in close collaboration with our partners and topical experts.

To learn more and participate tender Y1, click here

To learn more and participate in the tender Y2, click here

Health House is a one-of-a-kind exhibition platform currently being build up at the Arenberg Science Park in Leuven. In Health House, visitors will be able to experience the impact of new technologies on the future of health and care. The 700m2 exhibition space features cutting-edge visualisation technologies such as motion-sensing (Kinect-based), active stereoscopic 3D and Virtual Reality.

Health House is proudly powered by imec, the University of Leuven, University Hospitals of Leuven, the city of Leuven, the province of Flemish Brabant and COI. The official opening of Health House is scheduled for Fall 2017.