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Health House is shaping the future of healthcare

by informing and connecting people

Our mission at Health House

By informing and connecting people, Health House is shaping the future of health and care. Our strong academic and medical network stands for correct and innovative insights.
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To improve the healthcare system and promote well-being in the future, we believe it is crucial to adopt a more personalized and preventive approach, driven by objective data. To push such a transformation, we are dedicated to becoming the leading scientific knowledge center for the future of health and care.

We build our foundations on a solid network, top-notch experiences, and an international ambition.

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Dimitri Vanaeken

/ Creative director

Rob Zink

/ Event Coordinator

Greet Lemmens

/ Project Manager

Stefanie Vervoort

Board of directors

Lalynn Wadera
/ Board member
Tom Dehaene
/ Board member
Wim Robberecht
/ Board member
Katrien Marent
/ Board member
Pieter Kerremans
/ Board member
Bart De Moor
/ President Board of Directors
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