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Arts in Nood – Conflict Management


About this event

On September 5th, Arts in Nood is organizing a webinar on Conflict Management.

The work and courses of Swiss professor Béatrice Schaad revolve around conflicts and gathering experiences from patients and professionals when relationships become complicated or care leads to dissatisfaction. In 2012, she opened a mediation space where patients and healthcare providers can report conflicts or difficulties they encounter. They are received by specialists in conflict management. Three mediators meticulously code these complaints into an IT control system. These data, in turn, can be used by the institution and by various clinical departments, which utilize them to develop projects aimed at improving care and the work environment. Professor Schaad will discuss this with Dr. Michel Bafort, chairman of Arts in Nood.


Thursday, 5 September 2024
Start: 20.00
End: 22.00