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Do you have Parkinson's disease, essential tremor or dystonia and are you considering deep brain stimulation? Register with your caregiver for DBS Select.

A brain surgery can be intimidating, which is why providing good information is essential. Normally, patients receive explanations during their neurology/neurosurgery consultations, but often many questions arise afterward.

  • What is deep brain stimulation?
  • How does the surgery proceed?
  • What are the risks and side effects?
  • Can deep brain stimulation cure me?
  • What is the expected impact on my symptoms?...

You'll get answers to these questions during DBS Select, an interactive tour about deep brain stimulation at Health House (Leuven).

With the DBS Select storyline, the goal is to offer this information in a more interactive way and involve the patient more in the process. What makes the 'DBS Select' storyline unique is the personal touch. Testimonials from various patients are displayed on screens. They talk about their experiences before and after the surgery. They provide an honest account of what went well and where expectations differed.

In addition to these testimonials, people will also learn more about DBS through various touchscreens (covering the pros and cons, the impact of DBS on relationships, battery concerns, duration of surgery, etc.), an interactive quiz, a digital dissection table (where one of the specialists will provide a full explanation of a surgery that normally lasts 6-8 hours), a VR application about neurostimulation, and much more.

The tour will help you make an informed decision about DBS.


Wednesday, 18 December 2024
Start: 16.30
End: 19.00


Health House

Gaston Geenslaan 11/B4, 3001 Leuven