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Growth 4 Health – Data-driven Healthcare: Navigating Today’s Challenges

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About this event

Data plays a crucial role in addressing the pressing issues in modern healthcare. However, it is important to use secure data vaults, with a special focus on personal data vaults, to protect sensitive health information while enabling efficient data sharing and analysis.

This keynote by Hans Constandt aligns with the #DataSavesLives mission and shows how data-driven strategies can transform healthcare by giving patients more control, improving quality of care and providing innovative solutions. He highlights innovative approaches that ensure patient consent and privacy, essential for maintaining trust in healthcare systems. By making the best use of health data, we can achieve a more efficient, safer and patient-centric future.

Our speaker

Hans Constandt is a thought leader proven in scaling innovative projects in software engineering and health data management. As CEO founder of FAQIR, his mission is to enable patients to securely manage, control, understand and share their health data while respecting their privacy and trust. In addition, Hans actively supports and guides startups as a mentor and investor. With positions at Eli Lilly, ONTOFORCE, MedEx.Health and startups, he contributes expertise and holds software patents not only as a board member but also as an active executive. A former programme manager at the Belgian Health Data Agency, he played a crucial role in shaping health data legislation and setting up the Belgian Health Data Catalog. Hans shares his insights globally and is deeply committed to advancing data science and healthcare, with a strong belief in the #DataSavesLives mission.

6:00 PM: Assembly and welcome at Health House
6:15 PM: Start of tour: Experience The Future of Health and Care
7:00 PM: Keynote "Data-driven Healthcare: Navigating Today’s Challenges"
7:45 PM: Networking session with refreshments
9:00 PM: Conclusion

Growth 4 Health is an organisation of Health House with the support of the province of Flemish Brabant.


Thursday, 26 September 2024
Start: 18.00
End: 21.00
Price: Free, but in case of no show, Health House will invoice you €25


Health House

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