Deep Brain Stimulation at Health meets Hardware

One of the highlights from FTI Leuven 2024 was Health meets Hardware. This event served as the epicenter for groundbreaking discussions, bringing together visionary minds from Flemish, Belgian, and European landscapes. Among the highlights of this event was the Patient Perspectives Debate, co-curated by Health House.

On March 20, 2024, the stage at Health meets Hardware (FTI Leuven) was set for collaboration and innovation. With a gathering of pioneers in product development and healthcare, the event embodied synergy in action. Health House took the helm in curating a dialogue that would resonate deeply with attendees.

Patient perspectives at Health meets Hardware

Central to the discourse was the ‘Patient Perspectives Debate’, a platform dedicated to delving into the realm of deep brain stimulation (DBS). With its ability to alleviate symptoms associated with conditions like Parkinson’s, DBS stands as a beacon of hope for countless individuals worldwide. However, the debate aimed to go beyond the scientific and technical aspects, shedding light on the human experience behind these innovations.

This debate was the favorite part of the audience. Why? In this debate, Health House brought together a patient, a surgeon, and the industry (Alexandra Boogers from DBS Fellow, University of Toronto) within the DBS world, for the very first time in Flanders. The result? An interesting discussion that brought the importance of DBS to the forefront.

Straight to the heart

Patient education is extremely important for Health House, that’s also why our heart lies within this project and why we want to start the dialogue. The audience of Health meets Hardware felt the same and was incredibly touched by this story. Mission accomplished.

Do you want to know more about DBS Select? Read more.

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