DBS Select: a patient education platform on Deep Brain Stimulation

On November 7th 2019 in the presence of 70 participants (neurologists, neurosurgeons, patients, partners, patient platforms) Health House launched the first interactive patient education platform on Deep Brain Stimulation, DBS Select

DBS or Deep Brain Stimulation

Deep brain stimulation, or DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation), is a neurosurgical procedure in which two fine electrodes are implanted through two small holes in the skull, in a deep brain region. This can reduce the symptoms of people with movement disorders, including Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor and dystonia. The aim of the educational platform is to inform patients with one of these diseases about the possibilities of DBS in an interactive and accessible way.

Interactive Patient education platform

Brain surgery is always frightening and therefore good information is essential. Normally, patients receive explanations during the neurological/neurosurgery consultation, but often a lot of questions arise afterwards.

Health House, as a unique experience centre about the future of healthcare, is the perfect location to bring this story to live in an interactive and innovative way.

The DBS SELECT storyline aims to offer this information in a more interactive way and to involve the patient more in the process. The uniqueness of the ‘DBS SELECT’ storyline is its personal touch. On the screens, testimonials from different patients are shown. They talk about their experience and experience before and after surgery. They give an honest picture of what went well and where the expectations were different.

In addition to these testimonials, people also learn more about DBS via various touchscreens (what are the pros and cons, what impact does DBS have on my relationship, what with the battery, how long does an operation last, etc.), an interactive quiz, a digital dissection table (in which one of the specialists will give a full explanation of an operation that normally lasts 6-8 hours), a VR application on neurostimulation and much more.

Referral of the patient

The intention is that neurosurgeons and movement disorder specialists will refer their patients to this platform in order to inform them more specifically and innovatively about the procedure. As of 7 November, a “DBS SELECT” session will be offered every 2 months to the eligible patients. The intention is to organise guided tours in small groups, after which time will be made for a round of questions in the presence of a few specialists.

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International cooperation

DBS SELECT’ is the result of cooperation between KU Leuven and UZ Leuven, with the support of EIT Health. Colleagues of the Uniklinik Köln also gave input, making the storyline representative for different centres in Europe.

Aftermovie DBS Launch

Watch the aftermovie here.

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