Day of Care 2024: a beautiful day with familiar faces

As usual, Health House participated in the Day of Care this year. With 2 fully booked tours, enthusiastic visitors, and a surprise visit from Minister Frank Vandenbroucke, this edition was a great success as well.

As many as 60 people signed up for the “Hospital of the Future” tour on the Day of Care. Visitors learned more about the impact of AI in healthcare and got an idea of what the hospital of the future might look like. Event coordinator Greet Lemmens led everyone around with a smile on this sunny day.

Familiar faces

Frank Vandenbroucke, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Social Affairs and Public Health, was one of the 60 visitors. He came along with Bieke Verlinden, Leuven’s alderwoman for Care and Welfare, and Bart De Moor, chairman of Health House. A pleasant surprise for both the visitors and us!

Would you also like to come visit Health House? Check our calendar or book your event.

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