Exploring the ‘Body of the Future’ at FTI Leuven

In the heart of Leuven, where innovation meets ambition, the 'Body of the Future' took center stage at FTI Leuven from March 16th to 20th, 2024. Hosted by Health House, the interactive pop-up installation at Martelarenplein showcased revolutionary advancements ready to redefine healthcare as we know it.

Tomorrow’s healthcare

Flanders has emerged as a hub of innovation in the health sector, with Leuven spearheading groundbreaking research and development. The ‘Body of the Future’ at FTI Leuven embodies Leuven’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of science and technology.

Rob Zink, curator at Health House, emphasizes the significance of the exhibition: “It’s a glimpse into the future of healthcare and the potential to transform lives.” Zink highlights the collaborative efforts with researchers, doctors, bioethics, historicians, patients and of course pioneering companies, each at the forefront of innovative solutions shaping the future of health and wellbeing.

“It was important for us to not only inspire visitors, but also encourage them to think about the societal and ethical implication of these advancements.” Through five interactive stories, visitors experiences how hearing, moving, eating, reproducing, and even walking might be different in the future.

The five storylines:

  1. Groundbreaking advances in fetal surgery by UZ Leuven and the innovation of an artificial womb.
  2. An ingenious ingestible smart pill designed to navigate and report on the human gut system. by imec and OnePlanet Research Center.
  3. The latest breakthroughs in hearing implant technology by Cochlear.
  4. Revolutionary technological advancements in the domain of spinal cord injuries by ONWARD Medical and Comate Engineering & Design.
  5. The unveiling of the world’s first motorized knee prosthesis by Össur.

Exploring the future at FTI Leuven

The installation, standing tall at two containers high, graced Leuven’s landscape for 10 days. With a 3D deep screen (only seen at Times Square before), we told the story about enhanced senses, saved lives, and a redefinition of what it means to be human. We are very proud that over 7.500 visitors discovered more about the ‘Body of the Future’.

Following its success in Leuven, the ‘Body of the Future’ journeyed to Antwerp, captivating audiences at the FTI Antwerpen closing festival at Sportpaleis Antwerp, where more than 30.000 people saw the installation. It continues to inspire and provoke thought, inviting visitors to explore the intersection of science, technology, and humanity.

The Body of the Future lives on

Excited to experience the ‘Body of the Future’? Health House welcomes you to explore the installation firsthand. At the moment, we are installing everything in our demoroom and are excited to showcase it at our experience center. And… there’s even room to expand the installation. Health House is ready to pave the way towards a healthier, more promising future.

Don’t miss out on the future! Visit Health House today and be part of the journey towards tomorrow’s healthcare.

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