Driven by Health – Our world vaccinated

"Driven by Health" aims to provide a platform for inspiring speakers with enriching insights into innovation in healthcare. In our first online live panel discussion, we will explore "the new normal" after vaccination with this top panel.

Driven by Health

That our society was marked by the corona crisis in 2020 is undeniable. Innovation in healthcare has never progressed so rapidly, but at the same time, criticism of virologists, the pharmaceutical industry, and the government grew. The ‘new normal’ was a concept that emerged from the very beginning of the pandemic.

How will our society deal with the legacy of COVID-19 and in what ways our healthcare system will undergo significant changes is yet to be seen.

In our first ‘Driven by Health’ session, we gathered an exceptional panel to look towards the future post-vaccination. We brought together government officials, virologists, and representatives from the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Prof. Marc Van Ranst, virologist UZ Leuven
  • Prof. Geert Meyfroidt, intensivist UZ Leuven
  • Karine Moykens, Secretary-General of the Department of Welfare, Public Health, and Family
  • Karel Van De Sompel, CEO Pfizer Belgium
  • Marleen Finoulst, Editor-in-chief of Health and Science (vaccination fact-check dossier)
  • Moderator: Francesca Vanthielen

Each panelist, drawing from their own professional expertise and personal experience of the pandemic, provided insights into the future of healthcare. They all found themselves at the forefront of the crisis, experiencing some of the most intense months of their careers. Moderator Francesca Vanthielen posed pertinent questions and delved deeper into five themes that will shape the future of healthcare.

The five key challenges of the ‘new normal’

  1. A vaccine passport: useful or not? Quid privacy?
  2. Vaccine production: what are we waiting for?
  3. Fake News: anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theories, and the role of the media
  4. Vaccination strategy: are we reaching the entire society?
  5. How will we look back on this crisis in the future?

Health House, Leuven Mindgate, UZ Leuven, and KU Leuven brought together virologists, government representatives, and pharmaceutical industry leaders with the first session of ‘Driven By Health.’ Conducted online, as appropriate in these times, the event maintained a high level of professionalism. The panel discussion included a video intervention from Dr. Hans Kluge, the European Director of the WHO. Additionally, the perspectives of the general public were considered.

Watch the livestream here

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