Week of Care: Flemish Minister of Innovation, Hilde Crevits, visits Health House

On Monday, March 15, Flemish Minister of Innovation Hilde Crevits visited Health House in Leuven as part of the Week of Care.

The future of healthcare

During her visit, Minister Crevits was taken on a unique journey through the future of healthcare. She had the opportunity to explore the latest innovations in 3D printing, the use of AR and VR in hospitals, state-of-the-art teaching materials such as a digital dissection table to explore the human body, as well as some recent developments in AI and robotics. A notable example is robot Billy-Billy, a kind of ‘talking flowerpot’. Billy-Billy helps combat loneliness among the elderly, can follow medication schedules, and can also assist in the early detection of dementia. These and many more innovative technologies were showcased during the tour Minister Hilde Crevits received on Monday, March 15.

“Innovation, science, and technology are indispensable in a caring and sustainable society. Health House illustrates this. It showcases the latest developments in medical sciences in an easy-to-understand and interactive manner.” – Hilde Crevits – Flemish Minister of Innovation

Planet Virus

As a final highlight, Minister Hilde Crevits was given an exclusive preview of Planet Virus, the latest immersive experience at Health House about the Corona pandemic. Through a physical experience in the experiential center, an informative website (www.planetvirus.net), and regular online “Planet Virus Talks” featuring numerous experts (Johan Neyts, Marc Van Ranst, Erika Vlieghe, Marc Noppen, Geert Molenberghs, …), Health House aims to provide people with more insights into the workings of viruses, explain the current global impact of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and inform about how we can better prepare for future pandemics. In short, it’s a unique experience that everyone can come and discover.

“The coronavirus crisis has highlighted the importance of technology and science. It illustrates how crucial it is to invest in innovation in healthcare.” – Hilde Crevits – Flemish Minister of Innovation

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