Planet Virus: Preparing for the next pandemic and beyond

In 2020, Health House launched Planet Virus: a new educational learning platform on COVID-19.

Planet Virus: a new unique educational platform on COVID-19

Planet Virus is a combination of scientifically validated research, international studies and interviews with various (scientific) experts on the impact of COVID-19 on our world. By combining sources from over 60 world-renowned institutions (KU Leuven, MIT, NASA, Harvard, WHO, Stanford, U Hasselt, CEPI, Nature, NY Times, …) and creating mind-blowing cinematic visuals, Planet Virus is the most interactive, educational experience on pandemics produced in the 21st century.

The Planet Virus platform will interact with the audience and share information on 3 levels:

  • An onsite guided experience at Health House , where visitors can discover, in an interactive way using touchscreens, VR, 3D, Motion tracking, etc …, more on viruses, history of pandemics, smart lockdowns, prevention for new pandemics, technological innovations to help fight pandemics and much more. Book a tour:
  • An interactive, educational website, summarizing various international validated, papers and research sharing more insights and learnings on topics like for example: what is a virus, vaccine development and antivirals, contact tracing, impact of deforestation and global warming on potential new pandemics, the economic impact of this pandemic, solutions for the future, … Discover Planet Virus:
  • Monthly Online Seminars, hosted and organized by Health House, with experts in different domains ranging from research institutes, hospitals, industry, policy, patients, etc… Some upcoming topics: Impact on home and elderly care, Road to a vaccine, From wearable to careable, Mankind shaping our planet, …. Check our agenda for the upcoming seminars.

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The Planet Virus Project aims to share international expert opinions and insights with a global audience ranging from persons with a healthy interest in the Planet Virus-related topic to experts. We are looking to share insights from organizations such as academic institutions, technology/process-driven companies, hospitals, pharmacies, governments and this from all over the globe, independent of the size of the organization. Also and very importantly, we also want to hear the voice from individual persons such as COVID-19 patients and their caregivers, nurses, physicians, pharmacists, surgeons,…Interested? Please contact us to further build Planet Virus and shape the future of healthcare.

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